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DESERT Modern Furniture

Furniture DESERT BRW - is modular furniture for the living room produced by the Polish factory Black Red White. It is in a minimalistic design and made of chipboard. This furniture is available in - "white / gloss white" color. DESERT BRW furniture can be purchased as a complete package consisting of two glass-fronted cabinets, TV-table and shelf, as well as separate elements. Lighting glass shelves enhance the modern character of the collection. White shining facades are visually enlarge the room. Expressive furniture DESERT BRW will decorate your living room.

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Available colours of DESERT furniture range:

DESERT Modern European Furniture. Polish Black Red White Furniture in London, United Kingdom - $category_colors[n][2]

white / white gloss


All furniture from the DESERT collection:


in white / white gloss colour

£1,158 £947

height: ~196 cm
width: 263 cm
depth: 50 cm

£700 £573

height: 140 cm
width: 60 cm
depth: 37 cm

£216 £177

height: 27 cm
width: 180 cm
depth: 25 cm

£41 £34

height: 142 cm
width: 60 cm
depth: 43 cm

£224 £183

height: 37 cm
width: 203 cm
depth: 50 cm

£238 £195

height: 88 cm
width: 180 cm
depth: 43 cm

£438 £358

height: 40 cm
width: 65 cm
length: 110 cm

£221 £181
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