Loren BRW Furniture Photos

Mix of modern and classic style

LOREN Modern Bedroom

Loren BRW Collection combines classic design with a modern design. This special offer is addressed to people who appreciate beautiful and practical solutions. The geometric shape of Loren delights. Collection adds charm square shaped handles and legs of chairs, a table and a coffee table.

Loren BRW Furniture are available in four colours: wenge / acacia mali brown, wenge / grey gloss, sonoma oak / white gloss and sonoma oak. The collection consists of 18 elements. You can choose from different size shelves, drawers, cabinets, windows and cabinets. The collection also has a folding table, comfortable, upholstered chairs and a bed with upholstered pads mount on a cushion.

With varying sizes and a wide range of system components can be complex Loren bedroom furnishings, office, dining room or living room for any length feature.

Loren BRW Bedroom

Loren BRW Dining room

Loren BRW Living Room

Loren BRW Living Room