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New Modern Designer Furniture in UK

White Gloss Fitted Kitchen TAFNE FL Modern

height: 200 / 146.8 cm
width: 275 / 120 cm
depth: 60 cm
body colour: Alpine White
front colour: White Gloss
worktop colour: Light Atelier


Available colours of TAFNE furniture range:

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front: Beige Gloss

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front: Wenge Shiraz

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front: White Gloss

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body: Alpine White

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body: Congo

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body: Grey Granola

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body: Wenge

White Gloss Fitted Kitchen TAFNE FL Modern description:

The price for a fitted kitchen is shown in the photo. You have the opportunity to order the kitchen units set according to dimensions of your kitchen. You can select the desired type and colour of the fronts, worktop, handles, lighting and kitchen units from the proposed range of the furniture Family Line. More>>

  • Modern design.
  • High Gloss finish fronts.
  • Colour: body – Alpine White; front – White Gloss; worktop – Light Atelier.
  • The facade of the interior side: White.
  • Execution: body – Chipboard laminated 16 mm; front – MDF 19 mm, PVC edge.
  • The back wall from HDF board.
  • The height of the lower cabinets with worktop: 85.8 cm.
  • The height of the upper cabinets: 71.6 cm.
  • Worktops, Worktop Corner Strips and Plinths are included in this price.
  • Upper cabinets are equipped with adjustable hanger in grey colour and hooks for hanging.
  • Hinges SAMET.
  • Drawers SAMBOX (SMB) with metal side walls in White colour.
  • Bottom and a back wall of the drawer are made of chipboard in White colour.
  • Maximum load on the drawer is 25 kg.
  • Drawers with roller guides.
  • The brake for drawer and the brake for door are availabled as additional option.
  • Base unit is equipped with adjustable legs height 10 cm.
  • The adjustment range of the legs: 9-13 cm.
  • The sink, appliances and shelf are not included in the kitchen set!
  • Furniture for self-assembly.
  • User-friendly installation guide.

The price of the Kitchen Units Set includes the following elements:

Base units:

  • 1 х Cabinet D3S-80/82-2SMB/SMB (H:82 / W:80 / D:46 cm) with three drawers
  • 2 х Cabinet DC-15/82-C-SRE (H:82 / W:15 / D:46 cm) with cargo
  • 1 х Cabinet D-60/82-LP (H:82 / W:60 / D:46 cm) with door and internal shelf
  • 1 х Cabinet D-45/82-LP (H:82 / W:45 / D:46 cm) with door and internal shelf
  • 1 х Sink Cabinet DKS-60/82-SMB/B (H:82 / W:60 / D:46 cm) with high drawer with railings
  • 1 х Cabinet DL-60/143-LP (H:143 / W:60 / D:56 cm) for Fridge with door, three internal shelves and plinth with ventilation grille
  • 1 х Cabinet DP3S-60/143-2SMB/SMB (H:143 / W:60 / D:56 cm) with three drawers and open compartment for appliances

Wall units:

  • 2 х Wall Cabinet GO-80/36-O (H:35.8 / W:80 / D:30 cm) with flip-up door, gas lifts (2 pcs.) and brakes for door (2 pcs.)
  • 1 х Wall Cabinet G-15/72 (H:71.6 / W:15 / D:30 cm) with three open compartments
  • 1 х Wall Cabinet G-60/72-LP (H:71.6 / W:60 / D:30 cm) with door and two internal shelves
  • 1 x Wall Cabinet GC-60/72-LP (H:71.6 / W:60 / D:30 cm) with door and two-tier dryer

Additional elements:

  • 1 х Masking Panel DBZ-10/82 (H:72 / W:6.6 / D:10 cm)
  • 1 х Worktop 275x60x3.8 cm BLAT/38-JAT Light Atelier
  • 1 х Worktop 120x60x3.8 cm BLAT/38-JAT Light Atelier
  • 1 х Worktop Corner Strip 5 m LP/500-JAT Light Atelier
  • 4 х Worktop Corner Strip Clip KLP/116-PJ Light Grey
  • 1 х Worktop Corner Strip Internal Corner 90° NW/90/116-PJ Light Grey
  • 2 х Plinth 290x10 cm COK/290 in Body colour
  • 1 х Seal for Plinth 5 m UC/500 Colourless
  • 1 х Seal for Plinth 2,5 m UC/250 Colourless
  • 1 х Insert for Drawer width 80 cm WKL/80-BI White
  • 14 х Handles T32 Aluminium with Drilling Distance 160 mm
  • 2 х Handles T33 Aluminium with Drilling Distance 64 mm

Please, note that White Gloss Fitted Kitchen TAFNE Family Line is sold only as a set. We are unable to separate units. But, you can change the places of units according to your imagination.

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