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5 ways to arrange shelves on the wall

Are you planning to buy shelves for your home? Are you looking for an idea how to mount them to create a home bookcase or a practical space that will display decorations and attract the eye? Check how to arrange shelves on the wall – here are the 5 best ways!.

FEVER 3 BRW Living Room Furniture Set White Gloss Photo
FEVER BRW Shelves in Living Room Furniture Set

How to arrange the shelves on the wall?

There are several clever ways to mount wall shelves to add originality and an unusual look to the interior. Check which of them will perfectly complement the interior arrangements in your home!

1. Wall shelf above the bed or sofa - the perfect place for photos and souvenirs

Wall shelves installed in this place will certainly attract attention. They will accommodate various decorative elements and family photos. You can opt for one longer shelf, but it is not the only option. If you hang several shelves that will not be arranged perfectly "one under the other", you will get an original arrangement on which you can place photos, decorations or potted flowers. Remember, however, to avoid overloading – "stuffed" items do not look aesthetically pleasing, and too much weight can threaten the safety of household members.

RUSO BRW Bedroom Photo
RUSO BRW Shelf in Bedroom

2. Create a hanging bookcase from the shelves

A bookcase made of shelves hanging on the wall is an idea for anyone who is looking for an alternative to large furniture. Before you drill the shelves in the "one above the other" position, check their leveling. In this way, you will avoid the crooked installation of shelves, from which everything will fall or – like the Leaning Tower of Pisa - tilt to one side.

3. Shelves hung asymmetrically – go for abstraction!

Who said that the shelves on the wall always have to hang exactly one under the other? The ideal solution that will add originality to any room is their "non-ladder" arrangement. You can arrange the shelves on the wall according to your own invention, but make sure that they are parallel to the ground – a spirit level will help you with this.

NUIS BRW Childrens Bedroom Photo
NUIS BRW Shilves in Childrens Bedroom

For the most daring, we suggest mounting the shelves at an acute angle to the floor – on such a deliberately "curved" shelf you can even keep books. It is important, however, that the model you choose has built-in sides, as Bergen BRW Shelf – thanks to this, things will not fall to the floor.

4. Shelves in the attic – use the space under the slant

Shelves on the wall of the bedroom or youth room in the attic can make it very easy to arrange this difficult space. Where there is no room for classic furniture, it is worth hanging a few shelves. Thanks to this, you will create additional space for storage or display.

NAMEK BRW Kids Room / Study Photo
NAMEK BRW Shelves in Kids Room

5. Shelves on the wall – a great way to develop a niche

Is there a fixed alcove in the room that does not fit any larger piece of furniture? If you have no idea how to use it, hang a shelf (or shelves) there! Choose the right size that will allow you to harmoniously adjust the shelf to the width of the niche and enjoy the new, additional space for storage or decoration.

As you can see, shelves on the walls are a way to quickly change the look of rooms. Thanks to them, you can decorate the walls of any interior and provide yourself with additional space for your favorite items.

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