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Modern and practical furniture. Check out our catalog of family interiors 2021/2022

Pleasant, functional and pleasing to the eye space - this is the effect of a successful arrangement! Regardless of whether you are arranging a family living room, bedroom or a youth room, the interior design should correspond to the needs and preferences of the household members. Are you interested in solutions that go with the times, or maybe styles that are insensitive to changing trends? Get to know our new products in the box furniture category - get inspiration, thanks to which you will design modern, comfortable and beautiful interiors!

Forn BLACK RED WHITE Furniture Photo
Forn BLACK RED WHITE Furniture


New products from the family interior catalog 2021/2022 - modern and elegant furniture

In the latest catalog of family interiors 2021/2022 from Black Red White, collections have been collected, thanks to which you can arrange an apartment or a house refined in every detail. The offered modular furniture is comfortable and practical systems designed for various interiors: from the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom, through the children's and teenagers' rooms, to the home office, hall and functional storage areas.

What can you find in our catalog? What distinguishes the presented collections are, above all, modern solutions such as multimedia shelves, LED lighting built into the furniture or multifunctional shelves. In addition, numerous amenities in the form of slightly closing fronts or fully extendable drawers increasing the convenience of use. All this is complemented by a timeless design and carefully selected details.

The collections are characterized not only by styles that fit in with the latest trends. The furniture for the upcoming season is also classic and elegant forms that elude the passing fashions. Lovers of the scandi style, fans of minimalist industrial or in love with universal design - everyone will find something for themselves among the proposed solutions.

Functionality comes first: cabinet furniture for the living room and dining room

The living room is undoubtedly the most important place in many homes. It is usually there that family meetings and film screenings, afternoon coffee meetings or marathons of board games take place. In addition, interiors of this type often also serve as a dining room or a living room connected to the kitchen. In such rooms, not only comfortable upholstered furniture is necessary, but also box furniture that practically fills a diverse space.

Rodes BLACK RED WHITE Furniture Photo
RODES BLACK RED WHITE - furniture that will be perfect for sunny arrangements


What do you need to fully develop a demanding interior? The multifunctional living room should not be complete without furniture that allows for clever storage of documents and other personal belongings or displaying decorations. Furniture for the living room, such as a stylish bookcase, TV cabinet, comfortable wall shelves - all this will help you organize the space for various activities. If you add a minimalist look of geometric solids to it, you will get a set that is the basis for a transparent, modern arrangement.

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