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ZOYA LUX 2DL BRW Corner Sofa Bed Pink

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ZOYA LUX 2DL BRW Corner Sofa Bed Pink
Brand:Black Red White
Width:266 cm
Height:98 cm
Depth:166 cm
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ZOYA LUX 2DL BRW Corner Sofa Bed Pink description

  • Universal сorner sofa with bed function and two containers for bedding.
  • The corner can be mounted on both sides left or right.
  • Three backrest cushions and four decorative pillows.
  • Surface for sleep: 138x222 cm.
  • Upholstery material: fabric Mavel 52 Pink (Group 2).
  • Type of filling the seat: serpentine springs, foam and HR foam.
  • Type of filling the mattress: serpentine springs and foam.
  • Type of filling the backrest: cut foam and silicone.
  • Serpentine springs on the entire sleeping surface guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable rest.
  • An additional layer of highly elastic HR foam in the seat is increased softness and comfort.
  • Efficient and lightly operating mechanism supporting unfolding.
  • A tape that facilitates folding the backrest.
  • Two containers for bedding – increased storage capacity.
  • Easy access to the container.
  • Even sleeping surface – increased sleeping comfort.
  • Rectangular shape of the backrest cushions, filling made of cut foam and silicone – optimal and ergonomic support for the back, increased comfort of the backrest and ease of use.
  • Removable back cushions increase the seat depth by up to 80 cm.
  • Raised and softened armrests are provided stable and comfortable support.
  • Black plastic legs.
  • Furniture for self assembly.


Product Type
Sofa Bed, Corner Sofa
Black Red White
Upholstery Colour
266 cm
98 cm
166 cm
Seat Width
222 cm
Seat Height
50 cm
Seat Depth
54 cm
Armrest Height
67 cm
Sleeping Surface
138x222 cm
132 kg
Number of packs

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