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Arranging a small home office - how to work more comfortably at home?

Working remotely from home is a great convenience and convenience, but it also involves some challenges. First of all, to do it, you need a properly arranged space that will motivate you to act. How to arrange a small home office? Here are some ideas and tips.

LARA BRW Cabinet (Home Office) Photo
LARA BRW Cabinet (Home Office)


The benefit of working remotely is that you don't have a boss to look over your shoulder. Only that his task is also to ensure that his subordinates are provided with appropriate conditions. Working from home means that there will be no other people to take on the burden of putting things in order. This task will be yours.

Organization of work at home: is a comfortable desk and chair enough?

Arranging a work corner will not only increase the comfort of your activities. This step will also allow you to contractually mark out a zone for relaxation and work.

· Desk

The basis of your workplace at home should be a comfortable desk. The first and most important issue is its dimensions.

In English housing realities, the possibility of creating an office in a separate room is a real rarity. In such a situation, a work corner arranged in the area of ​​another room, e.g. a bedroom or even a kitchen, must be sufficient. If you are able to carve out a piece of free space for your desk in it - great! Its width and length should be selected so that it optimally fills this space.

Adjust the height of the desk to your needs. It is assumed that it should allow you to freely place your hands on the table. And this one, in most models, is at a level of 72-77 cm from the floor.

Do you need a solid piece of furniture that will guarantee you a large amount of storage space? Put on a desk with one or two lockers. It should have a minimalist structure, without handles and decorations. Thanks to this, it will not seem too massive.

BIU1D1S/120 KASPIAN BRW Desk (sonoma colour) Photo
BIU1D1S/120 KASPIAN BRW Desk (sonoma colour)


Are you afraid that such a piece of furniture will overwhelm the arrangement? Opt for a model with open shelves on the sides. You will be able to place binders, folders and necessary tools on them.

BIU1S LUCA JUZI BRW Desk - with functional shelves in the base


To maintain the aesthetic and functional order, you can put various small items in baskets, boxes and containers. Thanks to this, they will be close at hand - arranged and protected against damage or loss.

A small, compact desk is the best fit for the conditions in your home office? Opt for a model with a lightweight design with a drawer hidden under the top.

BIU2S NEPO Plus BRW desk Photo
BIU2S NEPO Plus BRW Desk - easily fits into any arrangement


Dressing tables have a similar look and functionality. Under certain circumstances, they have a chance to prove themselves as a comfortable desk. We are talking here about situations where a work corner is located in the bedroom, and the amount of free space in it, as well as its decor, do not allow for the installation of a classic desk.

You can easily place a computer or even a desk lamp on the top of the dressing table, which will ensure the comfort of your eyes during work. Despite the visually light structure, dressing tables are often equipped with a shelf or a drawer under the table top for useful small items.

The element that distinguishes individual models is the construction of the frame. Here you have some room to show off when it comes to matching the aesthetics of their appearance to the nature of the arrangement.

GAMLA BRW Dressing Table Photo
GAMLA BRW Dressing Table - place to work, and before starting work, also for makeup


In rooms decorated in the spirit of a modern loft, a dressing table mounted on a dark metal frame will be great. Models with a wooden base will be better suited to modern, classic or retro interiors.

· Chair

There can be no work corner without a stable, comfortable chair. Rotary models are the best option for people who spend a few hours at the computer every day. They allow you to maintain the correct body posture, so that even many hours of sitting at a desk will not result in leg or back pain.

A comfortable chair for work should be equipped with seat height adjustment and backrest angle adjustment. It's good if it will also have armrests. Some models of office armchairs have a seat and backrest filled with soft foam. Such an extensive piece of furniture will work well in combination with a desk with a traditional structure.

A comfortable chair for work does not need to be equipped with wheels. For lighter desks and dressing tables, a model with a thick, soft seat and a backrest with a rounded line that will nicely wrap your back will be better suited.

Such handy, shapely chairs will be perfect for small spaces. A big plus on their side is the eye-catching aesthetics - varied enough to create a stylish match with other elements of the decor.

ULTRA BRW Chair (White) Photo
ULTRA BRW Chair (White)


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