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BLACK RED WHITE Upholstered Furniture from Poland in UK

We love furniture that performs multiple functions. Especially for small rooms that need to be cozy. With a variety of styles and options, such as rollaway beds, futons and built-in wardrobes, our sofa beds offer everything you need to transition from living room to second bed.

Have you ever thought about the importance of choosing upholstered furniture?

That trembling feeling when you choose a luxurious sofa or chair to spend so much time on!

Such furniture can be found in every home. It is not only functional, but also helps to complete the interior and properly set accents. Sofa is the most common option that our clients choose. The wide range allows you to choose the right model for the living room, kitchen, bedroom. The choice is amazingly diverse.

Buying a sofa bed, you can be sure that the house will always have an additional sleeping place for guests. Puff furniture - is an integral part of any interior, capable of both complementing your design and creating a separate accent.

Before proceeding to the selection of furniture, imagine how in the evening, coming home from work, you will take a cup of flavored, hot tea and sit down on a comfortable, soft sofa to relax. Or how on a day off you'll wake up, make a delicious cappuccino or espresso and sink into an incredibly cozy armchair. Imagine how sweet your sleep will be on a padded bed, what beautiful dreams you will have.

Just think about what fun and warm evenings you can spend in a large circle of friends sitting on a polish sofa bed, or on the contrary, how you can spend the most precious time with your spouse or family, cuddled together. Choosing upholstered furniture is not just another step in the renovation, it is a choice of comfort, coziness and beauty and furniture Black Red White knows a lot about it!

We offer you an incredible selection of different positions in our catalog. With us you can find everything - from a 3 seater sofa bed to poufs and upholstered beds.

We have solutions for any space - from small to large and even corner sofa beds. Functionality is also important. A good solution will be to buy options with additional drawers, stands or with a reclining mechanism. BRW London offer:

  • a wide assortment;
  • a reliable frame;
  • easy-clean fabrics;
  • a convenient mechanism;
  • fast processing of orders;
  • high quality products!

EURO INTERIORS knows a lot about Polish upholstered furniture!

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