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Interior Design Blog

April 10, 2022

Loft - the industrial style - is an aesthetic that is becoming more and more popular among home and office owners. It is perfect for modern construction, allowing for functional and eye-catching arrangements. It is perfect for designing different spaces, such as hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and rooms for kids and teenagers. How to arrange this demanding room?

What we want to know about LOFT Furniture:

  • What distinguishes the loft style?
  • How to arrange a loft-style room?
  • What are loft-style furniture characterized by?
LOFT Style Furniture Photo
LOFT Style Furniture

April 2, 2022

Although most of us love and dream about long journeys, only a few arrange their apartments in a colonial style. Meanwhile, the colonial style is the flat of a typical traveler, where you can see a love of getting to know other places and cultures. What distinguishes the colonial style? What to look for if we decide to decorate the interior of our bedroom in this style? What furniture and accessories should you choose to emphasize all that is important in this style? These questions are answered in this article!

In this article we will discuss, among others:

  • What distinguishes a colonial styled bedroom?
  • What furniture should you choose for a colonial styled bedroom?
  • What additions to choose for a colonial styled bedroom?
KASSEL BRW Bedroom Photo

March 21, 2022

The aesthetics and comfort of using a living room is determined not only by the selection of appropriate furniture, but also by the skillful placement of them on its plan. In modern apartment arrangements, an arrangement with a sofa in the middle of the living room appears more and more often. When does such a decor have a chance to prove itself?

CUPIDO Sofa Bed BRW Grey Photo
CUPIDO Sofa Bed BRW Grey

February 16, 2022

The chest of drawers is a timeless and multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be a convenient storage space and an effective decoration for a living room. How to choose an interesting product suited to the room? What to look for when choosing modern chests of drawers for the living room? Find out about a few suggestions that can change the arrangement of your living room.

KOM2D4S HAGA BRW Dresser Photo
KOM2D4S HAGA BRW Dresser Photo

January 17, 2022

The wall unit is not only a creation from several dozen years ago that had to stand in the "big room" of every apartment in Poland. Wall unit can be beautiful, functional and very fashionable. When choosing furniture for teenagers, we often face the problem of space - how to accommodate everything that is important for an older child and teenager? Surprisingly, the wall unit can be the right solution here. Read our article and you will learn how to choose a wall unit for a youth room and how to arrange a space with its participation.

LARA BRW Childrens Bedroom Photo
LARA BRW Childrens Bedroom

December 1, 2021

Pleasant, functional and pleasing to the eye space - this is the effect of a successful arrangement! Regardless of whether you are arranging a family living room, bedroom or a youth room, the interior design should correspond to the needs and preferences of the household members. Are you interested in solutions that go with the times, or maybe styles that are insensitive to changing trends? Get to know our new products in the box furniture category - get inspiration, thanks to which you will design modern, comfortable and beautiful interiors!

Forn BLACK RED WHITE Furniture Photo
Forn BLACK RED WHITE Furniture

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