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Soft loft in the living room – get to know the subtle face of the loft

Not everyone likes raw, cold interiors, but there is no denying that industrial aesthetics clearly fits into current trends. Do you value minimalism, but can't imagine a home without warmth? Meet the soft loft style! Thanks to it, your living room will gain a loft style, but it will not lack cosiness.

HORTON BRW Living Room Photo
HORTON BRW Living Room

Hard loft or soft loft?

A typical industrial style decor exudes coolness, prefers functionality over aesthetics, disregards accessories that add coziness or colors that warm the space. In its traditional form, it is so specific that it attracts only a small group of supporters. That is why its lighter version appeared.

Soft loft is nothing more than a softer face of the loft. Still quite cool and slightly ascetic in terms of decorations, but much more open to elements that bring more warmth and color to the interior.

Living room in the soft loft style – how to arrange it?

LUTON BRW Living Room Photo
LUTON BRW Living Room

What did you notice first when you looked at the photo above? Most likely on a brick wall, which has already become a showcase of post-industrial aesthetics. Such a wall is a great background for furniture and wall decorations. At the same time, it is much warmer than architectural concrete, which is another finishing material very characteristic of lofts.

The living room is equipped with Luton BRW furniture. It is distinguished by a metal base, fronts in brown ribbeck oak with an effective grain pattern and a graphite decorative strip along the side edges. The furniture is durable, solid and functional – it provides a lot of storage space.

For more inspiration, explore our range of loft furniture.

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