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Installation and Assembly

ALDEA sp.z.o.o and Euro Interiors provide customers with high quality furniture from Poland. Our customers receive flat packed furniture together with user friendly assembly instruction which helps easily and quickly assemble furniture. Each furniture unit has the assembly instruction in the form of clear sketches or written instruction in five languages, including English. Big furniture units such as beds or wardrobes are packed in several boxes. Each box has a description of the item and correct numbering (for example, Kim Wardrobe Maple Strasbourg, box 1/3, box 2/3, box 3/3).

We provide a combination of a cam bolt system and wooden dowels with glue to ensure the ultimate in strength and stability of the assembled item. Here, the cam bolts are utilised as the main joining mechanism on the corners and middle of long panels, and dowels are used between to give further robustness to the construction. All furniture ranges use metal runners for the drawers, with the exception of the TIP TOP range, where plastic runners are used.

However, if you want someone to assemble your furniture then we may provide as-sembly service for our customers. Our team of assemblers are experts of their job and have been doing it for our customers for years now. The assembly process can be interesting but at the same time you may find it exhausting. The work that may take you whole day or more sometimes, can be completed within couple of hours by our professional experts. So why not dash away all this hassle and let us assemble your furniture for you? Our team will move your furniture where you like it to be and just in short time your furniture will be ready to use. Our professional installers will assemble and install your furniture to perfection aiming to cause minimum dis-comfort. Your home will be left clean and tidy.

How much it would cost you

We always send 2 people for quick and quality assembly. Depending on volume of furniture you bought, the assembly time may vary. We always advise our customers contact us for quote.
Looking through what you have bought or what you would like to buy, we will be able to give you the most affordable quote ever.

For quotes, please contact us at

The areas we cover

We cover all areas within M25 Orbital Motorway (see map below). In some cases we may travel beyond M25 Motorway, however in this case we would add road surcharge at £2.50 per mile.
Please note, if there is any parking fee our team need to pay, it will be added to invoice.

Furniture BRW Installation and Assembly MAP

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