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Bed dimensions for the bedroom - everything you need to know!

When choosing a bed, it is worth taking into account not only your own comfort and preferences, but also the size and arrangement of the bedroom. We will tell you what bed sizes are available, and which factors should be taken into account to choose the most suitable model for you.

PORI BRW LOZ/160 King Size Bed Photo
PORI BRW LOZ/160 King Size Bed

Then you must know about the dimensions of the beds for the bedrooms!

A restful sleep is the result of many factors. Among them there are, among others an appropriate mattress, bedding (specifically the material from which it was made, as well as its freshness) and the sleeping furniture itself. In the case of the latter, the dimensions of the bed are of great importance. If you choose them correctly, the night rest will allow you to fully regenerate your strength.

In the case of beds, 3 parameters count:

  • length,
  • width,
  • height.


Which bed size should I choose? It is assumed that the length should be approx. 20 cm longer than the user's height . Obviously, when 2 people sleep on it, you should be guided by the height of the taller of them. Bedroom beds with a length of 200 cm are the most popular. Most people find them very comfortable.

What about people who are over 180 cm tall? A custom-made bed is a good solution for them. You can decide on its dimensions yourself. Naturally, this is a more expensive option. It is worth investing in such a personalized solution, because the high quality of sleep has a good effect on our well-being and health.


The bed for a bedroom intended for one person must be at least 70 cm wide . The optimal and fully comfortable width of a single bed is 90 cm. A smaller width will work for children and adolescents, but also in this group some will feel the lack of 10 or 20 centimeters.

The double bed should be not less than 140 cm wide. Couples often choose furniture with a width of 160 cm. A child who will come to their parents in the morning to sleep or lie down with them for several dozen minutes can also easily fit in such a bed. Narrower models will work only for people with a smaller body build, who do not change their position often during the night.


When it comes to the height of the bed, the most common are models where the distance between the sleeping surface and the floor varies between 40 to 50 cm . The continental beds are about 60-70 cm taller than them. Lying at such a height will not be healthy and comfortable for everyone. The lowest of all available are Japanese beds situated slightly above the floor (at a height of about 30 cm).

What else is worth suggesting when choosing a bed size for a bedroom?

Most of us would prefer to choose a model with large dimensions, but often the size of our bedroom does not allow us to do so. The dimensions of the bed must be adapted to the size of the room and the number of furniture (modules) in it. Make sure that in the adopted configuration it is possible to easily reach the bed. In the case of a double bed, both people must have easy access to it.

When it comes to the style of such a piece of furniture, you can choose from:

  • box beds,
  • upholstered beds.

Which of them are worth choosing? It depends on your bedroom arrangement idea. Models with a wooden frame are solid, durable and easy to keep clean. In turn, those with soft upholstery warm up the interior.

TETRIX BRW Bed 160 with a Soft Headboard and Lifting Mechanism Photo
TETRIX BRW Bed 160 with a Soft Headboard and Lifting Mechanism

Regardless of whether you are looking for a bed for one or two people, take a look at solutions that increase the functionality of the furniture. It could be:

  • roomy bedding box,
  • compartments for various small items built into the bed frame,
  • drawers where the little ones can keep their treasures.

Single bed - dimensions

Models with dimensions starting from 70 x 200 cm are available on the market. Such dimensions of a single bed are an absolute minimum. It is a good choice only for really small bedrooms, where there is no room for wider furniture. As we mentioned before - the comfortable width is 90 cm. A piece of furniture with such dimensions will be perfect, for example, in a youth room.

WESKER BRW LOZ/90 Single Bed Photo
WESKER BRW LOZ/90 Single Bed

A tiny teenager will have enough space to sleep on it. A bed is also a good idea, as it has a sleeping area of this size before unfolding, and twice as large after unfolding. In this case, it will be possible to overnight the guest.

LOZ/80/160 MALCOLM BRW Sofa Bed Photo
LOZ/80/160 MALCOLM BRW Sofa Bed

Your child is exceptionally fidgeting in bed? In this case, the width of 100 or even 120 cm will be much better. Remember that the dimensions of the bed should always be adjusted to the needs and preferences of the person who will sleep on it.

The dimensions of the double bed

The minimum dimensions of the double bed are 120 x 200 cm. Will this size be good for you? Or maybe a wider bed will be a better choice? In fact, the optimal width of a bed for two is 140 or 160 cm. Then you will be able to assume your favorite position at night, freely turn to the other side or find a place for a pet that will want to lie on the bed with you. And just as the length of the bed must be matched to the height of its users, its width should also be adjusted to their posture and individual preferences.

LOZ/160_B GAMLA BRW King Size Bed Photo
LOZ/160_B GAMLA BRW King Size Bed

Najpopularniejsze wymiary łóżek sypialnianych dla dwojga dostępne w sklepach stacjonarnych oraz internetowych to:

  • 140 x 200 cm,
  • 160 x 200 cm,
  • 180 x 200 cm.

As you can see, you have quite a lot of room for maneuver in terms of bed sizes.

On our website we can boast of a wide selection of beds of various sizes and designs. You can easily choose the model that suits your needs.
Check out our BEDROOM Furniture from Poland!

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