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EASY CLEAN fabrics in Black Red White

Tired of spilled drinks or sauces on your sofa? Are you losing your patience trying to remove dog hair from your couch? Discover EASY CLEAN fabrics!

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DARBY 2F BRW Corner Sofa Bed Black

Easy-clean fabrics – what distinguishes them?

Easy-clean fabrics are characterized by unique properties, which to them it is easier to remove dirt from the sofa or armchair upholstery. The cleaning process is not accompanied by tedious scrubbing, which usually leads to the destruction of the upholstery. No, it's very simple. Do you want to know how to get rid of stains from, among others, sauces, yoghurt, wine, tea? Are you wondering what kind of sofa you need to buy so that you can easily clean your furry pet's hair or mud from it? Then read more.

Removing stains from sauces, ketchup and yogurt

The technique is simple:

  • use a spoon gently remove the stain that has not yet been absorbed into the upholstery,
  • moisten the rest of the dirt with water and detergent (e.g. soap),
  • remove the moisture with a paper towel,
  • wait for it to dry.

How is this possible? The EASY CLEAN fabric has a finish that protects to a large extent against the penetration of dirt. Remember that there are no fabrics that are completely stain resistant. Take care of the furniture. "Ordinary" upholstery will quickly give up in the fight against dirt, but even an easy-clean upholstery fabric has its limitations. If you do not remove the dirt immediately, you will not avoid damage.

How to deal with spilled wine, juice, tea or coffee?

With a water repellent fabric, i.e. hydrophobic, stains will quickly disappear if:

  • put a paper towel on it and let the liquid soak into it,
  • carefully press the towel to the fabric,
  • repeat the procedure if necessary.

Magic? None of these things. It's just that on a hydrophobic material, the liquid condenses instead of penetrating between the fibers. Nevertheless, remove the stain as soon as possible.

What to do to get rid of fur and mud from a sofa or armchair?

The pet friendly fabric makes it easy to clean animal hair and mud from the upholstery. For the effect to be satisfactory:

  • collect the hair with a clothes roll or a soft cloth,
  • moisten the mud stain with water, blot with a paper towel and wait for it to dry.

However, take into account that the special properties of the pet-friendly material do not mean that even the smallest dog hair will not stick to the upholstery. This may happen occasionally. Much less frequently with regular hair removal. As for scratching the upholstery with claws, unfortunately, you will not find an "unbreakable" fabric. In this case, the best solution is to buy the pet a so-called scratching post and make sure that it does not get to the couch.

The EASY CLEAN upholstery fabric covers many pieces of furniture from the Black Red White offer. Take a look at them, maybe one of them suits your living room?

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