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Interesting chests of drawers for the living room - check which one to choose!

The chest of drawers is a timeless and multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be a convenient storage space and an effective decoration for a living room. How to choose an interesting product suited to the room? What to look for when choosing modern chests of drawers for the living room? Find out about a few suggestions that can change the arrangement of your living room.

KOM2D4S HAGA BRW Dresser Photo
KOM2D4S HAGA BRW Dresser Photo


Chests of drawers for the living room - a piece of furniture that will change your interior!

Thanks to its relatively low height, the chest of drawers looks very good even in small rooms. It optically enlarges the space and is an interesting element of the arrangement. In a living room with a lot of low furniture, such as sofas, pouffes and tables, it looks exceptionally good. What's more, a chest of drawers of an appropriate height can replace a TV cabinet, thanks to which you will save valuable space.

Buying chests of drawers is a great way to make a quick and cheap makeover interior. You can place stylish decorations on its countertop, such as a mirror, photo frames, plants or candles. Thanks to such decorations, you will warm up the space and give it an individual character. You can also choose a model with shelves and glass fronts to present decorative tableware or glasses.

Thanks to the chest of drawers, it will be easier for you to keep order in the living room. You can forget about the small things that you put on the table or window sill in a hurry. This piece of furniture is the perfect place to store documents or small equipment, such as headphones or chargers. You can also hide in it tablecloths, towels, bedding or other small items. In smaller apartments, a chest of drawers will also make it easier to store clothes . You can hide less frequently used seasonal clothes (hats, scarves, gloves) or use it as a space for underwear.

What is the best chest of drawers for the living room?

When choosing a chest of drawers for the living room, it is worth focusing on both its aesthetic and functional aspects. A well-chosen piece of furniture should match the interior design and meet the practical expectations of users. Before buying, think about the dimensions of your chest of drawers and what you will use its top for. Another product will work well with a TV set, and another one will best present family photos and souvenirs.

Modern furniture has very useful mechanisms that increase the comfort of use. In a house where small children live, drawers with a silent closing system are ideal. In modern interiors, you can use drawers with push to open , mechanism, thanks to which the fronts do not need to be fitted with handles.

You will find interesting chests of drawers for the living room in the BRW offer!

Chests of drawers are available in many sizes, colors and styles. So choosing the perfect model can turn out to be a bit complicated. Which chest of drawers to choose for the living room to emphasize its style? Here are some suggestions interesting products that you can find at brw.pl.

Simple Balder chest of drawers

The Balder chest of drawers will work well in a minimalist room full of modern solutions. The high-gloss white fronts will reflect the light beautifully, contrasting with the thick top and oak-colored side walls. It is a combination of a simple form and an elegant finish. This piece of furniture will successfully warm the living room, but it will also look good in the hall or dining room.

KOM2D4S BALDER BRW Dresser Photo
KOM2D4S BALDER BRW Chest of Drawers


White chest of drawers Antwerpen

Elegant white chests of drawers will probably never go out of fashion. The Antwerpen model is an offer for people who value timeless design. Its universal style will work well in interiors Scandinavian and Provencal West and glamor. A wide chest of drawers with shelves and very durable, smoothly closing drawers, offers plenty of storage space. An additional advantage is a laminate with increased resistance, protecting against damage and abrasion.

KOM2D4S/8/18 ANTWERPEN BRW Dresser Photo
KOM2D4S/8/18 ANTWERPEN BRW Chest of Drawers


Modern Matos chest of drawers

If you prefer to use shelves or you are not fond of drawers, pay attention to Matos products. The chest of drawers for the living room from this collection has three cabinets of different heights, which will make it easier for you to organize and store things. A minimalist design combining MDF wooden elements, white fronts and simple silver handles will modernize your living room. This model will also work well in a bedroom with an economical style.

KOM3D1S MATOS BRW Dresser Photo
KOM3D1S MATOS BRW Chest of Drawers


Elegant chest of drawers for the Gent living room

The Gent chest of drawers combines classic style, imitating a solid wood display case, with modern and energy-saving LED backlight. It is an excellent choice for people who want to use light to warm up a room and emphasize the beauty of glasses or porcelain dishes. It is also worth choosing this product for functional reasons - pay special attention to the silent closing of drawers and fronts and durable tempered glass display cases.

KOM2W6S/13/17 GENT BRW Sideboard Photo
KOM2W6S/13/17 GENT BRW Sideboard


Classic Idento chest of drawers

The white Idento chest of drawers is characterized by classic style and attention to detail. The eye is attracted by the delicate milling of the fronts and the edge of the table top, as well as decorative and very elegant handles. This piece of furniture is beautiful and functional at the same time - it has four drawers. The bright material is covered with a protective laminate that prevents abrasion and damage.

KOM2D4S IDENTO BRW Dresser Photo


Impressive Madison chest of drawers

The Madison furniture is an example of a chest of drawers on high legs with a modern, futuristic shape. This design will look great in a bold and expressive interior. A great advantage of the model is the silent closing of drawers and fronts and the material used - natural wood and veneer.



A well-chosen chest of drawers should be both functional and match the aesthetics of the living room. There are a number of proposals on the market, from which you will surely choose the perfect product for your home. Beautiful and practical furniture you will find in the offer of our online store.


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