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KASSEL Black Red White - colonial styled furniture

Although most of us love and dream about long journeys, only a few arrange their apartments in a colonial style. Meanwhile, the colonial style is the flat of a typical traveler, where you can see a love of getting to know other places and cultures. What distinguishes the colonial style? What to look for if we decide to decorate the interior of our bedroom in this style? What furniture and accessories should you choose to emphasize all that is important in this style? These questions are answered in this article!

In this article we will discuss, among others:

  • What distinguishes a colonial styled bedroom?
  • What furniture should you choose for a colonial styled bedroom?
  • What additions to choose for a colonial styled bedroom?
KASSEL BRW Bedroom Photo


Colonial styled furniture - what distinguishes it?

To tell about what's important in a colonial bedroom, it's worth starting by explaining the origin of the colonial style itself. It is a clever combination of the European style with strongly marked elements of exotic and oriental styles. A mixture of modern interiors is created from this, but on the other - spiced with a touch of the Orient, homage to furniture and accessories made of dark, exotic wood.

What absolutely should be in a colonial-style accommodation?

Natural colors. This style begins with them, and they play the leading role here. There is space for dark brown, dark green, as well as white in the form of various types of fabrics and accessories. Textiles decorated with oriental patterns should not be missing. It is worth placing at least a few of them in the room, but it is also inadvisable to overdo it with their number.

Wooden colonial furniture, preferably made of exotic wood. A colonial-style bedroom is primarily defined by a bed. Characteristic for this style is that it is a massive, heavy bed made of dark wood. They are covered with natural materials in the form of bedding, blankets, bedspreads. The set with the bed in the bedroom should include a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, which will be stylistically strongly associated with the bed. These two pieces of furniture will form the center of the bedroom and will be its leitmotif.

Accessories that clearly indicate the colonial style. We are talking about various kinds of decorations, such as curtains, pillows, bedspreads, but also small items placed on shelves or a chest of drawers. And here natural materials should not be missing in this characteristic climate.

The colonial style itself can be divided into two trends: Balinese, which is close to the boho style, and Indian, which in terms of color and energy is similar to this hot country.

A colonial-styled bedroom - what furniture to choose?

The colonial style in the bedroom is determined by the furniture that will be placed in it. A lot depends on the space and size we have at our disposal, but it is worth remembering that the colonial style is easiest to arrange in slightly larger rooms. This is where the placement of large, massive pieces of furniture is easier and gives a better effect. So what furniture best reflects the character of a colonial-style bedroom?

PATRAS BRW Bedroom Photo


Colonial styled bed

The bed always marks the center of the bedroom, but in this case it is of special importance. The colonial style evokes associations with distant travels, which is why exotic wood should appear there. A great way to create a colonial-style bed is to purchase a massive dark-colored frame. Visually, it will perfectly correspond to the colonial style, even if the material of execution will be different.

Wardrobe or chest of drawers

Based on the available space, you can decide whether there will be a full-size wardrobe in your bedroom or a larger chest of drawers. Ideally, the style of the chest of drawers corresponds to the style of the bed, but you can achieve the effect of a beautiful colonial bedroom if these two pieces of furniture come from different sets. In the case of the wardrobe, we also focus on dark wood and massiveness. Combined with the bed, this furniture will form the basis of a colonial interior.

Decorate a colonial bedroom in your home!

In our Black Red White furniture offer you will find products with which you will build a wonderful atmosphere of a colonial bedroom and ensure you rest with travel dreams in the background. Choose the Kent BRW bed if you want to get the effect of a colonial bedroom in a classic edition or the Patras BRW bed if you want a subtle impression of aging in the interior and a clever reference to the past. Both beds are part of a series from which you can choose other pieces of furniture for your bedroom. Both the Kent BRW chest of drawers and the Patras BRW dresser, in combination with a bed of the same series, will create a simple arrangement basis in a colonial style, with a great potential for a beautiful finishing of this interior with accessories.



Travel accessories

A good idea to emphasize the colonial character of a bedroom is to use accessories that directly refer to travel and living on suitcases. In colonial interiors, these are, of course, all kinds of bedspreads, blankets, curtains and carpets. However, more furniture accessories can also emphasize these interiors. We are talking about wooden boxes that can stand against the wall, next to the chest of drawers or at the foot of the bed; old-fashioned suitcases that accidentally stick out from under the bed, or a flowery armchair that looks like he'd traveled hundreds of miles before he got into this bedroom. It is these items that create the atmosphere that builds the colonial arrangement.

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