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Seat in the hall – is it worth it?

Are you thinking about putting a seat in your hall? Read our article and learn all the advantages of this solution. And there are a lot of them.

GENT BRW Entrance Hall Photo
GENT BRW Entrance Hall

A seat in the hall – a small but significant piece of furniture!

If the size of your hall allows it, be sure to invest in a seat. There are plenty of options in stores. From benches, shoe cabinets, pouffes, to trunks. It is worth having this piece of furniture in the hallway not only because it makes it easier to put on shoes. This is its basic advantage, but some models have additional functionalities. You can hide in them, for example, shoes, scarves, hats, gloves.

The seat function itself will be especially useful for older people who have trouble bending down and for small children, for whom getting dressed on their own is still a real challenge. Also with a lot of overweight and various problems with the spine, the seat makes life much easier.

Which hall seat to choose?

Consider the simplest bench – upholstered or not. The bench is usually not conspicuous. As a small piece of furniture, it discreetly blends into the background. The empty space under the seat adds lightness, thanks to which the bench does not overwhelm the room. You can put a mat under it, on which you can place wet shoes to dry.

Are you looking for a seat that will also accommodate your shoes? Look around for special cabinets designed to store shoes, equipped with tops that act as seats. Many of them have a comfortable padding instead of a hard surface.

Poufs are great for smaller rooms. They are compact, mostly low, round, square, rectangular, with irregular shapes. Considering that large hallways are rare, especially in blocks of flats, the pouffe is one of the best choices for seating. A huge plus is its weight. Usually small, it allows you to easily move the furniture and place it anywhere. You can use the same pouf in both the hallway and the living room, if necessary.

As you can see, a seat in the hall is a very useful element of arrangement. In our online store you will find not only seats in various forms, but also other furniture for the hallway. We invite you!

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