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Trend alert: black bedroom with wood!

The combination of black and wood is one of the strongest trends of recent seasons. No wonder - interiors arranged in this colour scheme are considered a timeless classic and a sign of luxury. Today we invite you to discover the advantages of a black bedroom: we will show you how to arrange a perfect sleeping zone in black and wood.

KASSEL BRW Bedroom Photo

Black bedroom with wood – an interior that inspires!

Black, although timeless, is considered by many to be the colour of mourning and sadness. Not without reason – defined as the opposite of light, it symbolizes emptiness and darkness. However, from a practical point of view, black has many advantages: it is universal, elegant and perfectly combined with other colours. In the world of fashion, it has been triumphing for a long time, and now it is more and more boldly used in the most fashionable interior arrangements.

Importantly, in bedrooms that follow top trends, black is not only the colour of accessories, but the leading theme of the arrangement. Sounds overwhelming? None of these things! A bedroom with black walls, wooden furniture and strong accents in black is the quintessence of elegance. A space arranged in this way looks stylish, modern and very impressive.

Black and wood is a perfect colour combination for large bedrooms. This does not mean, however, that having a small area, you have to forget about the fashionable arrangement! A small black bedroom can also arouse admiration, especially if you combine black with contrasting white and take care of adequate lighting of the interior. Then the room will become optically larger, and the dark colour will not be overwhelming.

Who will like a black bedroom? Various arrangements with black and wood will appeal to lovers of glamor style, fashionable loft aesthetics or minimalism. A modern bedroom with a black wall and furnishings in dark colours is also a great option for stylish men.

Black bedroom with wood - what furniture to choose?

Much depends on the style in which you want to arrange the interior. In elegant arrangements with a modern touch, furniture of a higher standard, solid shapes and contemporary design will be perfect. An excellent choice will be models in double staining, combining wood decor with black elements.

Are you looking for a specific piece of furniture? Here are some suggestions from Black Red White!

LOZ/160/A KASSEL BRW Bed with Storage and built-in Bedside Tables Photo
KASSEL BRW Bed with Storage and built-in Bedside Tables

The Kassel bed is a great proposition for a spacious bedroom dominated by black furniture and subdued accessories. The wide double bed is equipped with integrated bedside cabinets and LED lighting controlled by a touch panel. Thanks to the upholstered headboard made of black eco-leather, the piece of furniture looks impressive and provides even more comfort.

LOZ/160/A KASSEL BRW Bed with Storage and built-in Bedside Tables Photo
KASSEL BRW Sliding Door Wardrobe

The Kassel wardrobe with sliding doors fits perfectly into the modern style of the bedroom. Coloring in two colors: monastery oak and black oak adds elegance to the block. A piece of furniture equipped with shelves and rods will provide enough space to store bedding, clothes and other personal items.

LOZ/160/A KASSEL BRW Bed with Storage and built-in Bedside Tables Photo
BALIN BRW King Size Lift Up Storage Bed

An interesting example of such a piece of furniture is the Balin bed. The black colour of the headboard allows for an attractive display of the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, while the frame made of dark wood adds elegance and breaks the dominant colour.

No matter what style you choose for your bedroom, in our online store you will find the furniture you need!

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