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Wall unit for a youth room - a way for a functional arrangement

The wall unit is not only a creation from several dozen years ago that had to stand in the "big room" of every apartment in Poland. Wall unit can be beautiful, functional and very fashionable. When choosing furniture for teenagers, we often face the problem of space - how to accommodate everything that is important for an older child and teenager? Surprisingly, the wall unit can be the right solution here. Read our article and you will learn how to choose a wall unit for a youth room and how to arrange a space with its participation.

LARA BRW Childrens Bedroom Photo
LARA BRW Childrens Bedroom


From this post you will learn, among others:

  • How can a wall unit help to arrange a small space?
  • Which wall unit to choose for a youth room?
  • How to arrange a wall unit in a youth room?

Wall unit for a youth room - a way to create a small room!

The wall unit is a one-word answer to all questions about how to arrange a functional space for young people, especially if there is not much of this space. Modern youth furniture does not have to take up half of the available space. Using a wall unit is a smart way to fit everything that should be found in a youth room on only one wall.

Small rooms are usually quite a challenge for those who try to arrange them. We pay great attention to ensuring that apart from furniture, there is also a "square" in the room, i.e. a space free from any furniture. This is of course justified, especially if the child is still playing on the floor and using it as part of the usable space. However, in other cases, it is better to arrange such a space with comfortable furniture.

A child's room should be arranged in a thoughtful way and have all the zones that a young person needs: a zone for learning, relaxing, entertainment or fulfilling their passions. Some of them may be in the wall unit. The wall unit will also provide space to organize other zones. If only one wall is filled with furniture, the others can be used as a place to set up a bed or hobby items. In this way, we save space and use it wisely.

NANDU BRW Youth Bedroom Photo
NANDU BRW Youth Bedroom


Which wall unit to choose for a youth room?

Youth furniture sets are created to take into account the needs of young people. Most often they contain elements that should absolutely be found in a child's room.

  • Roomy wardrobe for storing clothes, but also boxes with small items that are not needed every day.
  • Shelves with books, children's souvenirs, treasures brought from trips. This type of furniture helps to keep the room tidy and introduces a bit of aesthetics.
  • Desk, the study zone. Modern wall units so cleverly play with this element of room equipment that not only is it not the least liked place for a child, but on the contrary - its command center. Placing them among other furniture allows you to save space in the room and not to place the desk on a different wall.


If you are facing the choice of youth furniture and you are considering a wall unit in your child's room - it is a great choice! This furniture allows you to cleverly surround a small space and fit much more in it than you might think. Remember to pay attention to the quantity and quality of available elements when choosing a wall unit. Perhaps due to the presence of a wardrobe, the young man does not need a wardrobe? Or will he need a low cabinet or a chest of drawers, on which he can display his own complex models of airplanes? The most important thing is that the individual elements of the wall unit meet the needs of the room occupant.

Wall unit - arrangements in a youth room

Get inspired! Individual furniture collections can wonderfully equip youth rooms and make them an ideal space to rest, study, and develop as part of your passions.

  • Modern and original

Furniture in a youth room does not have to be boring. They can perfectly correspond to a modern, industrial space, one that will beautifully fill a teenager's room. Additional, energy-saving LED lighting is a great idea to liven up a youth room. In addition to a wall unit, such a room should also have a desk and a comfortable bed, so that the space is filled with everything a young person needs.

  • Classic wall unit with a desk - a space perfect for a student

Instead of buying several separate pieces of furniture, everything that should be present in a youth room can be placed on one wall. Wall units with a built-in desk, available at attractive prices, allow you to organize space for clothes, trinkets, souvenirs and school supplies, and at the same time for comfortable learning. Even if the room is small, it is enough to place a comfortable bed on the opposite side to make the space complete.

  • An elegant wall unit that adds character to the interior

In youth rooms, soft colors and colorful wallpapers are not obligatory at all. Sometimes a simple combination of contrasting colors, e.g. white and black, is enough to organize a space in which a young person will feel great.


It is worth mentioning the colors of the interior. In a child's room, delicate pastels are most often used to facilitate interior arrangement. Meanwhile, modern youth furniture can have strong, well-defined colors and still fulfill its function well in a young person's room. Much depends on what preferences the future inhabitant of this interior has. It is not worth forcing the "correct" colors, because the arrangement - fortunately - does not have to be limited.

Youth furniture - practical and comfortable

The children's room and the teenager's room are different. In the latter case, we must take into account that he is already an adolescent who has his preferences regarding interior design. The use of functional and nice furniture in his room will allow you to build a comfortable, nice space for him. Of course, it is worth taking into account the tutorial tips, but most of all remember about the comfort of your child and create a place for them that will serve for many years.

If you are looking for furniture and accessories for a teenager's or child's room, check out our TEEN'S ROOM Furniture from Poland offer.

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