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Wenge kitchen and dining room – arrangements

In the past, wenge-colored furniture appeared mainly in the living room. However, for some time they can also be found in the kitchen and dining room. Find out what to do so that furniture in the colour of wenge does not overwhelm the decor, but introduces warmth and good style to it.


Wenge kitchen and dining room - stylish design for classic interiors

Wenge-colored furniture has a lot of dignity. Thanks to this, they perfectly harmonize with classic interiors. Kitchens and dining rooms arranged with them are elegant and very practical.

The interiors decorated with wenge furniture are full of character. Their arrangement should therefore strive to soften and brighten the dark modules. Bet on light colors of the walls that will optically enlarge the room. Additionally, such a background for furniture:

  • will emphasize the decorative grain pattern,
  • will bring out the depth of the wenge colour.

What does the colour of wenge look like?

Wenge is a type of wood obtained from trees called Millettia laurentii, which grow in Central Africa. Its hallmark is the coloration in the shade of dark chocolate and an interesting grain pattern, which is sometimes compared with the plumage of a partridge.

Wenge wood is distinguished not only by its attractive appearance, but also by its high resistance to mechanical damage. Manufacturers supply elements of equipment made of solid wenge wood. However, they are more likely to use laminates and veneers imitating its appearance during the production of furniture.

Colloquially, wenge is a dark colour referring to the appearance of this exotic wood, as well as furniture preserved in it.

Furniture for the kitchen and dining room in a dark shade

Would you like to arrange your interior with wenge? We will tell you what to keep in mind when doing this.

It is a bad idea to place wenge furniture in an interior with a limited area. In a small kitchen, modules containing only wenge inserts, as in the Junona Line kitchen set, will be better.

The combination of bodies in the colour of wenge oak with lighter fronts in the color of sonoma oak creates an effective and at the same time balanced whole. Such a set will increase the aesthetics of your kitchen decor, but without the risk of creating the effect of a tight box.

Explore our range of Junona Line kitchens in Wenge / Sonoma colour!

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